Radin Mas Tree Planting Day

Radin Mas Tree Planting Day

Our grassroots adviser, Mr Sam Tan and the grassroots leaders helping a dozen families for Radin Mas Tree Planting Day on 03 November 2018 at open space in front of Block 103 Bukit Purmei Road.

Family Tree Planting

12 families planted the trees

1  Madam Chua Keow & Family
2  Madam Chew Ai Choo & Family
3  Mr. Othman Bagas & Family
4  Madam Sivaapakiam & Family
5  Madam Chong See Moi & Family
6  Mr. Sin Chee Chong Bob & Family
7  Mr. Michael Lim & Family
8  Madam YimKwai Leng & Family
9  Madam Lim Swee Ee & Family
10  Madam Imee Othman & Family
11  Mr Low Yong Khee & Family
12  Mr. Koh Chee Wee & Family

Below are the four different types of trees planted by the residents together with our grassroots adviser, Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong:

a] Syzygium Campanulatum Red


b] Kopsia Fruticosa


c] Tecoma Stans


d] Garcinia Subelliptica


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